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Energy Efficient contemporary home - Tiburon California
Energy efficient contemporary home
Tiburon, California
4,200 SF + 600 SF garage

This home makes use of steel for its
load bearing structure. A steel space
frame resists all lateral and vertical

Non of the exterior, nor interior walls
bear any load. With up to 30 feet
unsupported spans, a large degree of
design freedom is accomplished for the
end user as well as the designer.

Floor to ceiling glass, 3/4 height
partitions with glass inserts are all
possible without any reinforcements.

The exterior walls are highly energy  
efficient 'Sandwich' panels. The panels
eliminate a substantial amount of
framing, sheathing, and insulation labor
resulting in both time and cost savings.

Please contact us should you wish to
construct your home using new
sustainable construction technology.