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Energy Efficient Prairie style home -  Ross, California - Construction Summer 2015
Prairie style home in Ross designed by Kaeso Maas
Prairie style home in Ross designed by Kaeso Maas
Prairie Style Home
Ross, California

Construction Summer 2016...

The appearance of this new Prairie
Style home is partially inspired by
Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Henderson
House' in Elmhurst, Chicago, Illinois.

Our Client had an interesting, and
Contrasting goal in the sense that they
desired a traditional Prairie Style
exterior, and a highly Contemporary

Our objective was a re-thinking of the
prairie style era in a way that is
meaningful, and sensible in the
present; Create a balance with the way
we live in, and use our homes in the
modern world.

Despite its traditional appearance, this
home incorporates a variety of energy &
money saving Passive Solar Design
Techniques; Various solar powered
operable sky lights, and transom
windows through out the home's roofs
accomplish Free Natural Air

air rises and escapes higher up in the
structure. This creates a vacuum in the
lower parts of the home, which causes
a continues natural flow of free cool air.

Strategically placed windows, and
(operable) shade elements optimize
the balance between desirable solar
gain in Winter (free heating), and
minimization of Solar Gain in the
Summer (reduced mechanical cooling

In addition, the strategic window & sky
light placement in this home drastically
reduces the need for electrical lighting.

All the above combined with a high
level of modern insulation materials
accomplish a Traditional looking home
with superior modern day Energy

Construction is starting Summer 2016..
Connecting the past with the present - Prairie style exterior, highly contemporary interior...
Contemporary custom designed steel 'space frame' stair with hardwood treads
"Floating" modern fire place under construction...