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Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Condominium Development | Sausalito, California
Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Condominium Development
Sausalito, California

This new Sausalito California Condominium
Development is built using a combination of load
bearing highly energy  efficient steel faced "Structural
insulated panels", or "SIP" panels, and prefabricated
"panelized" steel stud interior partition walls.

The SIP panels, in combination with panelized steel stud
interior walls eliminate approximately 50% of framing,
sheathing, and insulation labor resulting in both time
and cost savings for the Developer.

The exterior lap siding finish is applied directly to the
Steel SIP panels. No weather barrier is required. The
steel SIP structural shell underneath is an exterior rated
water-tight assembly in itself.

These new Condominiums are structurally engineered
in such a way that none of the interior walls are load

This method of building offers the end-user a degree of
flexibility with making future changes to the interior

In addition, we have implemented Passive Solar Design
elements to minimize solar gain in summer, and allow an
increase in solar gain in winter for free heating by the
sun. This is accomplished by the strategic placement of
windows, sky lights, and operable shade elements.

These new Condominiums perform 34% better then the
minimum required standard of the 2019 California
Energy Code making them Zero Net Energy (ZNE)

Please contact us should you wish to construct your
home or other buildings using our Sustainable
Prefabricated Construction Technology.

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If you are interested in Prefabricated Energy Efficient Modern Design, please call us
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