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Energy Efficient Praire Style Home - Ross, California
Energy efficient Prairie Style home
Ross, California - 3,500 SF

This prairie style home is unique in that
it combines two contrasting styles; it has
a traditional prairie style exterior and a
highly contemporary interior.

In addition, this home is designed in
such a way that it makes use of 'natural
air conditioning' techniques - hot air can
escape from the lower level as well as
the upper level bedrooms through a
"thermal tower" effect in the central
stairwell, outfitted with operable
skylights. Cool air is sucked into the
structure to compensate for the vacuum
created by the hot air escaping on top.

In the winter, the closed skylights cause
a large body of air in the central stair
well to heat up with the energy of the
sun. This heats the entire upper level
for free.

Natural lighting, and solar heat gain are
optimized throughout the year by
strategically placed shade elements,
and operable sky lights with electric

At Adventus group we feel that "modern
design" should go much further then the
physical appearance of buildings alone.

There is no reason why a prairie style
home cannot be just as energy efficient,
and built as sustainably, as a home with
a hyper modern appearance.

The key lies in the use of passive solar
design techniques such as solar
thermal tower design, thermal mass to
store the sun's free energy in winter,
thought full orientation & sizing of
windows, rain water harvesting and grey
water recycling.

This home is a unique marriage
between traditional form, contemporary
interior design, and sustainablilty....

Please contact us if you would like more
information about sustainable modern