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The new loft-style apartment under construction. Due to the limited housing stock in San Francisco, the City required us to
add a new apartment as we merged the space of several units together at the penthouse level.
Wide-angle lens view of the new loft apartment space. On the right, we cut several holes in the old 12 inch thick concrete
wall, which will lead to the new bathroom & kitchen area. The large hole in the center leads to a new back yard garden.
We lowered the grade level of the existing garage to create additional height in the new loft apartment ceiling. It wil be
10'-0" high.
Energy Efficient San Francisco Penthouse, loft & Roof Garden
New Penthouse, loft & roof
garden. Pacific Heights, San

This project involved building a new
penthouse, loft, and roof deck / roof
garden inside an existing pacific
heights apartment building.

After having first lived in one of the
existing apartments, the owners of
this building needed more space.
The exterior was considered Historic
by the City of San Francisco, which
only allowed us to alter the interior
of this old building.

A new modern, energy efficient
penthouse home was designed
inside the existing Historic shell. As
the reconfiguration of the building  
resulted in reducing the number of
existing apartments, The City of San
Francisco also required that we
build a new apartment in the garage

Due to the high ceilings in this 65
year old building we choose a 'loft
style' apartment design for what was
formerly part of the garage. Holes
were cut in the old 12 inch thick
concrete walls to create a dramatic
post industrial looking effect.

At the penthouse level, there was a
chronic lack of natural light & fresh
air. Dark by 3 pm. By adding a
series of large solar electric
skylights along the full length of the
existing roof the owners drastically
improve their quality of life, and
mood, and have fresh air year round.

Both light & air are fully adjustable.
An added perk is that during the
winter, the large skylights provide
free heating from solar gain.

The need for electrical lighting, and
mechanical ventilation is also
drastically reduced.

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interested in passive solar
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