Materials Research
At Adventus Design Build Group, we strive to
utilize state-of-the art technology wherever
appropriate. We continuously update our
library and materials collection to keep us
abreast of developments in construction
materials and in allied fields. We research
materials on a project-by-project basis.
When appropriate, we work with
manufacturers to develop special materials
or applications.
Design Build Group
Model making
We attach great importance to models,
both as a design tool and as a means of
communicating ideas to the client. We
often produce full size mock-ups of our
buildings as a part of our policy of testing
everything to make sure there will be no
unpleasant surprises when the building is
complete. It is often hard for clients to
visualize a building from 2-d plans and
elevations. In our company, the process
of making the model is integral to making
the building.
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