House boat addition & remodel
Sausalito, California
House boat in Sauasalito designed by Kaeso Maas
Adventus Group
In the dry dock ready to be re-launched....

This house boat was originally
constructed in 1978. The project
consisted of a complete re-configuration
of the upper and lower floor plan
lay-out, as well as the construction of a
new roof deck with an interior hardwood
stair leading to it.

House boat engineering is no different
then engineering a regular home, but
with a liquid foundation! Moving around
of concrete blocks in the supporting
barge accomplish perfect balancing of
live & dead loads.

Access to the roof deck is accomplished
via a large custom made electrically
retractable sky light.

The end result was a magnificent brand
new floating home built on the existing
1978 concrete barge.

The roof deck views include all of the
'floating city' Sausalito harbor, as well as
stunning views of the San Francisco sky
line, and bay.

Kaeso Maas CEO 2014