Remodel of an Existing Home
Belvedere, California
This house had undergone many
small remodels over the years.
Windows had been closed off,
walls had been randomly bumped
out, and a plastic sun room had
been added. The resulting house
was described by the current
owners as a "Hotch Potch".

It was not allowed to add any
significant new square footage to
this house. It was allowed,
however, to re-organize the
existing space, and alter the
appearance of what was there.
We attempted to create a more
cohesive appearance that made
better use of the existing space.
New East Elevation
New North Elevation
Existing Situation- The glass sun room (left), the den (right), and the existing beamed roof will be removed and made
into two 14 feet high spaces.
New West Elevation
Adventus Group
This home designed in association with
Dean Jones Architect
Existing Situation