Desert House in Shoshone, Death Valley, Designed by Kaeso Maas
Desert House in Shoshone Death valley California designed by Kaeso Maas
Desert House - Shoshone, Death Valley, California
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Desert Retreat in Shoshone California- The spectacular building site for this house is located near Death Valley in the Small town of
Shoshone, California. With the soaring desert heat is was crucial to implement passive solar, and solar thermal tower design features. The
strategic placement of shade elements, window and exterior door openings. The area was rich in highly mineralized hot well water from a small
nearby Oasis. With a purification system it was potable, and usable for landscaping. It also allowed for a natural fed small jacuzzi & pool. In the
winter time, temperatures drop significantly at night making the jacuzzi a great evening pass time. There is no interference of any man made light
making the night sky quite spectacular with stars.