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What is good Design?

Good Design is not easily defined, but we recognize it when we see it.
Too often Designers of Buildings forget that a Design for a building is really
three designs; Site Design, Building Design, and Interior Design.
For a Building Design to work and be powerful it is imperative that it is
recognized that these three elements are indivisible, and should not be
divorced from each other.

Good Design is also modern design. "Modern", however, should not only refer to
the physical morphology of buildings. Modern design should cover a much
broader spectrum of a building's attributes; With the use of modern
technology, there is no reason that a classic Victorian themed home can't be
designed & built in such a way that it is just as energy efficient & sustainable as
an ultra contemporary themed home.

To practise modern Design, it is imperative that we keep asking the question:
Why do we Build & Design the way we do? How can we make the best use of
modern technology to improve upon the status quo? How can we build faster,
smarter, and more sustainable? How can we conserve energy better? How
can we save time, and manage cost better?

Why do we build with wood? A material that takes decades to regenerate,
and ends up in a land fill at the end of a building's life cycle. What are
sustainable and cost effective modern alternatives?

How do we live in, and use spaces in the modern world?
What made sense for our parents, probably doesn't work as well in the present.

Continuous research, trial and error, has provided us with substantial expertise
in the fields of sustainable design & construction. Let's find out what the best fit
is for your project.

Our design process

The first step towards design excellence is to study the building site, and take
cues from the future building’s physical environment. These cues can be in
the form of interesting topographical features or consist of Natural elements
such as trees, creeks, the movement of the sun or changes in the weather.
We feel that Building Designers should allow elements of nature to act as
informants that lead us to an appropriate, well-balanced Design Solution.

Equally important are the greater surroundings of the building site, and the
community in which it is located. Aside from a good Site Design, buildings
marked by Design excellence are connected to their natural surroundings
and community. They should embody the culture of the places they inhabit.

In ancient history the most primitive purpose of a building was to provide
shelter. Though much more sophisticated today, the basic purpose has
not changed; to provide a barrier to the natural world and creating an
artificial environment within it.

In contrast to the original primitive purpose, At Adventus Design Build Group we
strive to create buildings that connect us with nature and community rather
than separate us from it.

In regards to designing buildings we feel that they should be built first and
foremost for the people who use them; their design should not be rooted
only in fashion or theory. Truly powerful work is timeless.  We feel that
Buildings should not become monuments of a particular period or style, but
they should be icons that link one period to another.

Sustainable design

We feel that it is important to tread lightly upon the earth. Where cost
effective alternatives exist we like to implement new technology and
building materials. In all our buildings we try to implement ecologically
sensitive solutions to lighting, air circulation, heating and cooling.

To design in this way, you cannot act as an autocrat. It requires a
collaborative process involving practitioners from a variety of disciplines:  
Structural Engineers, services engineers (electrical, mechanical, plumbing),
materials researchers, ecological scientists, soils engineers, and
manufacturers. Many of these consultants are often kept out of the initial
design problem solving process. We strive to engage them in the Design
process from the start.

Team work - working with our clients

We firmly believe that design excellence is impossible to achieve without
the active collaboration of the client. We encourage client participation in
the design process and actively create opportunities for dialogue.

In the Design Process it becomes the Designer’s responsibility to continually
challenge the client and the design team to achieve both appropriateness
and invention. We encourage our clients to join us along side with design,
construction, manufacturing, and research specialists to define and discover
appropriate design solutions.

Our goal is to create design in which one can experience surprise, intellectual
stimulation, and a profound sense of physical well being.
We strive to make our Design an affirmation of the spiritual unity between
man and nature.

At Adventus Design Build Group our practice is predicated on teamwork, and
our company is organized to promote collaboration among all members of the
Design team. Open communication and the continues sharing of
information and ideas embellishes the buildings.

We are looking forward to working with you, and to create beautiful
buildings that improve the daily environment and happiness of both the
occupants as well as the community they are built in; now and in the
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