Computer Aided Design
In our firm, the initial Design Process is Manual and may consist of sketches,
renderings and rough mass studies in cardboard, Styrofoam, Plexiglas or
even clay. When working on Initial building mass studies, our process is
often very similar to that of a sculptor. The building takes shape by
physically assembling the form.

This process defines the proportions, and how different elements of the
building relate to each other. When it comes to conceptual design, we
strongly believe in the infinite spontaneity of the human hand, and the
speed at which it can react to a design impulse. A hand can “shave and
mold” whereas the computer is still more “rigid” at this point in time. We do
apply the computer to develop conceptual Designs further.
Contemporary Duplexes
Planned Housing Development - Gorman, California -
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Ware house development in Sacele Romania designed by Kaeso Maas of Adventus Group
Multi functional office buildings in Sacele Romania designed by Kaeso Maas of Adventus Group
Once initial ideas have been defined and organized by means of
sketches and/or mass studies, the computer is used to take the Design
to the next level.

In our firm,
 3d Studio Max"  and "Sketchup" are used to create virtual
buildings that one can walk through as if they existed in reality. With
this software we have the ability to virtually set the Design in the
context of the building site, and even set the position of the sun, as
well as the time of year and day to see how natural light enters the
building or to see how shadows will fall.
Warehouse development
Sacele, Romania, E.U.
Office Villa Development
Sacele, Romania, E.U.
Pool cabana
Dressing rooms, shower/steamroom, out door kitchen & sitting area.
Napa, California
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Duplex Development in California USA Designed by Kaeso Maas of Adventus Group
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Luxury custom villa in Mill Valley California designed by Kaeso Maas of Adventus group
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New 3,000 SF Custom Home
Tiburon California
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Contemporary house designed by Kaeso Maas
Contemoprary house designed by Kaeso Maas