Contemporary Home in Curacao Designed by Kaeso Maas
Nautilus Home
Self Sustaining Off-Grid Home
The Design of this contemporary home is based
around utilizing
Renewable Energy, and
independence from external sources of power,
and water.

Recycled steel Prefabrication
is also high on the
priority list.

The entire home is Designed to be completely
'Off-Grid' - self sufficient for its water, power, and
waste management needs.

We have incorporated Solar Thermal Tower and
Passive Solar Design features. This home harvests
Rain Water, and recycles  and re-uses part of its
(grey) waste water. It produces its own power,
and heats water with both Photo Voltaic and
Solar Thermal Panels

Smart home technology- This home contains a fully
automated electronic building control system
which monitors & manages how energy and
water resources are allocated to various spaces. It
manages reserves, and optimizes both
consumption as well as production. It makes
suggestions to the owner, or decides a course of
action by itself if ignored.

The home is on-line: It is connected to the owners,
as well as manufacturers of various building
systems. It can report anomalies, auto correct
them, or corrections can be made remotely.
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Schematic floor plan studies.
Our initial Design work is usually involves a period of manual sketching. In
phase II we utilize 3D Modeling, for Visualization, and Preliminary Planning of
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems.