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Tri-plex Development - Three 250 m2 units per building
Poiana Brasov, Romania, E.U.
This project is located near the Poiana Brasov Ski Resort in The Karpatian
luxury homes each. Romania was admitted to the European Union in January
2007. A beautiful country with a rich history due to its many invaders over

Two of these 5 bedroom homes are two stories. The loft-type master
bedroom suite looks down into a living room atrium. The third home is a 250
m2 pent house   (2,700 sf). The lower level of each buildings contains a
sauna, steam room, shower and fitness area. The project is located within 3
miles of the Poiana Brasov Ski Resort, and a 15 minute drive from the
beautiful Historic city of Brasov.

The project is in pre-development phase. We are looking for financial
partners. Buyers can either purchase an entire home, or buy it in fractional
ownership format.

If you are interested in owning a beautiful luxury home in a landscape
resembling Montana, mixed with ancient castles, and near the beautiful
historic city of Brasov please give us a call.
Each of the three units has a two car garage. The lower level of each building
is equipped with a sauna, steam room, fitness and storage rooms...
The building is designed in such a way that each space in each unit
makes optimum use of the views...
Both lower units are two stories and they have a large living room atrium.
The master bedrooms have interior balconies projecting into the atriums...
Each bedroom has it own private balcony deck...
Living room atrium. The interior master bedroom balcony can be seen on the left...
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