BusinessBOX warehouse and office space Development
Sacele, Romania, E.U.
Adventus Group
Copyright Adventus Group 2021

The key feature of these five
6,700 sf ware houses is that they
do not have any load-bearing
interior walls

A specially designed system
allows for electrical and
plumbing hook-ups anywhere in
the space.

These warehouses can quickly
respond to the changing or
growing needs of any business,
and accommodate virtually any
end-user. They can be used for
light manufacturing, or as a call
center, or show room.

Each ware house can have a
metal freight roll-up door, or a
glass store front.

In addition to the work floor, they
all have a kitchenette, and
bathroom area with showers.

They are constructed out of light
gauge metal stud panels, and
roof trusses that are built in a
factory environment.

The pre-assembled buildings are
then shipped and put together
on-site in a very short time span.