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North Elevation
South elevation and carport
Napa ranch house designed by Kaeso Maas
2,800 SF Custom Home in St.
Helena, Napa County, California.

Even though the end result was an
almost entirely new building, the
original existing 900 SF house is still
part of this home. It is the area on
the left above the new carport.

Shown below, are two pictures from
the original existing structure.

Despite it's rustic traditional
appearance, this design
incoporates a number of passive
solar design features that drastically
reduce the need for mechanical
cooling, and electric lighting.

The large number of dormers
located along the full length of this
home, and on both sides have
electric windows that facilitate
natural air conditioning.

Due to the "thermal tower" effect,
hot air rises in the structure, and
escapes through the dormer
windows on top. The vacuum this
creates causes cool air to
continuously be sucked in from

Strategically placed windows and
shade elements (porches, long
overhangs) on the Southern
elevation optimize temperature
control from solar gain.

Solar gain is minimized in summer
as the sun moves from east to west
(high in the sky), and maximized in
the winter (low in the sky) to
facilitate free heating, and reduced
need for electrical lighting.

Please contact us if you are
interested in energy saving,
passive solar design

+ 1 (415) 515 - 8933
The original 900 SF structure (For reference: The car is parked in what is now the new carport- see above)
Energy efficient new ranch house
St. Helena, Napa County, California
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