Design - build & planning services
Adventus Group is a full service Design-Build firm, and Developer.
We provide an integrated approach in which both the Design as well as
the Construction Professionals are part of a single team. Our approach
drastically increases Efficiency.

Our system provides clients with a turn key solution.  Design & planning,
Engineering, revisions, project feedback, budget development, permitting,
Construction management, change orders, and billing can all be routed
through Adventus Group.

We provide the following services, either in part or as a complete package.
~We can tailor our level of service to your particular needs:

A. Design services
We provide a full spectrum of Design, Planning, and Engineering Services.
Our clients range from private owners to developers, and municipalities.
We also provide consulting services to other A&E design firms. Kaeso Maas,
C.E.O. is in charge of the creative portion of the Design phase, as well as
day-to-day management. Kaeso has a Dutch Background, and we strive
to implement Dutch Design, as well as new European technology, materials
& methods in our projects where appropriate. When required, we utilize the
services of specialized Design consultants. The strength of our integrated
approach lies in the fact that all Design & Construction Professionals in our
team are coordinated in an overlapping fashion, right from the start .

B. Planning & Concept development
Whether you are a private owner, a developer or other third party client,
Adventus Group can assist with identifying the most appropriate Concept
for your building site. A concept that will achieve your goals, and yield the
highest cash on cash return. For this purpose we work closely with several
long term Real Estate Partners, and incorporate their input in our
development strategy. The sources of information include amongst others:
Real Estate Brokers, Appraisers, Structural and Geo-technical Engineers,
Construction lenders, market research companies and local Governmental
Agencies & Organizations.

C. Financial projections - Pro Forma
Adventus Group can provide financial projections based on the results
of our research studies. This starts at a basic level, and is updated frequently
as we gather more information. Our integrated approach eliminates the
disconnect that typically exists between the various Design and
Construction professionals. This allows for better cost control from the start
and a more efficient process throughout

D. Feasibility studies
By combining the services described under A,B, and C we can produce
feasibility studies. Typically, we start with gathering information about the
client's goals, and the property. This is followed by a zoning analysis with the
local Planning Department, and other Governmental Agencies.
This research is combined with input from other Consultants to facilitate the
basis for a very basic Schematic Design.
Design level Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections. During this process we
gather preliminary input from a Structural and other Engineers. This to assess
cost implications of early design ideas. When we have a preliminary design
that appears feasible, and meets the client's program, we develop a
preliminary pro forma by obtaining preliminary bids from our subcontractors
This process gives our clients a realistic starting point.
We can adjust the level of detail in our feasibility studies based on your
individual needs.

E. General contracting & project management
Adventus Group is a full service Construction Firm, and a licensed General
Contractor in the State of California. We have the ability to provide out of
state or foreign services as well as local service. At the client's option, we
can function as project manager, and coordinate different team members
retained by the client individually.

E. Sales & Leasing
In collaboration with our long-term partners we can assist clients with sales
& marketing campaigns, and (pre)-leasing of planned and/or completed

We can also assist with the preparation of financial projections depicting
anticipated sales & leasing proceeds in the planning phase.
Developer Service
When acting as Developer, Adventus group offers boutique style
investment opportunities in different types of projects.

In the past we have developed Rental Apartments, Condominiums,
individual Custom Homes, light industrial warehouses/office spaces,
and luxury residential fractional ownership properties.

We can also provide a full Developer Service to a third party.
This can be an individual investor, or an investor group.

It can also be a company, or organization with a specific need for a
particular Turn-key building. Examples: A warehouse, A car dealership,
a municipality with a need for a new town hall, medical suites for a
group of physicians, or another (residential) Developer.

Depending on the type & goals of 3rd party clients, our Developer
Services includes the entire spectrum of required expertise as
described under A-E (See description).

Our level of service can also be Custom Tailored to your specific needs.

turn-key solution includes: Location of suitable property, feasibility
studies, market research, design & concept development, budgeting,
Engineering, Construction, Marketing and Sales or leasing.

If you are interested in learning more about our current or upcoming
projects please
contact us.

~We look forward to working with you
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New custom home in Tiburon California designed by Kaeso Maas of Adventus Group
Adventus Group
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New luxury fractional ownership property development - 2019
San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Mexico
"Business Box" - flexible use ware house & office space development - 2018
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New 4,300 SF Custom Home Development - 2018
Tiburon, California
Development Properties - Current & Completed
New luxury fractional ownership property development - 2019
San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Mexico
New Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Prefrabricated Condominium Development - 2021
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